A New Type of Love chapter 3

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“A New Type of Love”

Chapter three

After the weekend, Amaria and her two sisters and cousin Justin prepared for school. Ria would be continuing the 10th grade, Cadria  9th and Talia the 7th. Their new school was in many was different then the public schools they had previously attended.It was a small church school, With less than 60 students. As they drove to school, Amaria was silent yet very deep in thought. Some of the words she had heard two days prior in church rang in her ears.

“For every thing that happens to us in this life will work out for the better..”

How could that be true?

Losing both parents at fifteen was enough. Moving across the country at 15 was enough. Being the middle child of seven children was enough. And this was going to work out for the better? No way. 

Absolutely no way, she thought. A warm tear trickled down her face as she remembered the sweet comfort her mother gave to her anytime she was sad. “Ah, my little precious girl, remember, “Al mal tempobuena cara.” Always be happy. Keep a smile on your face, even in rough times” She quickly pulled out her phone and tried to change her mood.As she opened Snapchat, she looked at all the unopened messages. She just couldn’t put herself to answer all of them. As she zoomed through her friends stories, she remembered how normal her life with them had been just months prior. But her thoughts were halted to a quick stop when the car pulled into a small parking lot. “We’re here kids!” Auntie Mellie happily informed them. It was a bit surprising to the girls, the building was very small compared to their old school. It had a brick front with two large pillars to support it. Each side had a large evergreen tree, and a small Maple sat in the front yard which was decorated with fall decor. The kids looked around at their new surroundings. 

One by one they climbed out the car. Inside, they were greeted by what seemed like the entire school.

Ria quickly glimpsed Richie. As she walked towards her classroom, a loud but kind voice startled her. “Hellooo new person” “hey” she responded. “You coming to this school?” The boy inquired. “Yep” she responded. As she was about to turn away, the boy stuck out his hand for a handshake. “The names ShavonShavon J Taylor. The J stands for jokester… I’m the Lake Johnson Academy comedian and entertainer” Shavon proudly exclaimed. Amaria smiled at Shavon’s statement. “I’m Amaria Harrison. I just moved here to live with my aunt from Illinois. I have two sisters that are coming here too”

 “Sisters?” He responded “Ooh. I have one sister, Brianna, she’s in seventh grade. I can’t imagine two of her” he said with a cheeky grin. “Well, I actually have four more, three older and another younger one who’s  seven. But they don’t live anywhere near here soo…”

Ria’s voice trailed off as she looked over to where her sisters and aunt were talking to the principal. She looked back at Shavon as a sudden wave of sadness crept over her. 

“Um I think I should go see if they need me”

 “No problem” he responded. Nice to meet ya, I’m sure the pleasure was yours He said as he cracked a final joke. Ria quickly headed over to her aunt and sisters. The principal explained some things to her, and to her surprise she would be in the same class as her sister Cadria, as well as all the students from 9-12th grade.The set up was strange to her but she was excited to make new friends.

In her class, she met and made friends with several kids. There were identical twins, Elijah and Ethan Ellis. Then there was Vance Alexander-Johns,who was Justin’s best friend. She met Alexis and Eliana, cousins who stuck together like glue, and Saige, who was the teachers niece.She met Marian,Kahlia,Rueben and Daniel who were in her grade.She also met Zaire Hemsworth and Cedric Castelo, and a couple more seniors. Lastly, she met a few of the other children she had met in sabbath school, and another girl named Ava-Jayde, who was the youngest of the bunch but very sweet. After she was introduced to all the high schoonersRia continued her first day of school with ease. She learned a bit more about some of her new school mates. She learned that Ricardo was in 11th grade, and that his father was a mechanic who owned a small shop. She learned that the twins loved to make trouble by playing pranks and acting silly. She also learned that Shavon, who she had met earlier, had also lost his mother. Not to violence, but brain cancer.He and his sister lived with their grandparents and uncle Josh for most of their lives since their dad was barely around. She had a nice chat with the girls, who were all friendly and genuinely nice. So far, school seemed like it wouldn’t be a problem. Or would it…

Later that day

As soon as the bell rang, the kids scrambled to pack up their things. As the high schoolers walked down the stairs, Amaria looked for her sister. She held up her hand to wave at her-only to lose her balance on the stairs. Down she slid, all the way down to the bottom. As she reached the bottom, she looked around to see all her books and papers were scattered. “Oh no”she thought. Her entire class had seen her. Amaria blushed with embarrassment as her sister and a few others helped her pick up her books. What hurt her the most was the sight of her sister, Richie and what seemed like everyone in her class holding back their laughter. As she got up, she quickly walked out the school and to her aunts locked car and stood by the door She just couldn’t understand why her first day of school had to end so horribly….

A warm tear trickled down her face.
And then the proverb her mother always told her popped into her head.

At that moment, Amaria decided that she would always do her best to keep a smile on her face. Life was already hard enough, she felt like trying something new couldn’t  make it any worse. Gathering up all her courage she stood up and re-entered the building. From that day forward, she decided to stay positive at all times.

But would it be easy?

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A New Type of Love chapter 3

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