A New Dog and A Bite

      “Yay!” we all cheered. We were going to get a puppy! Our dad knew someone who was selling baby cockapoodles and we really wanted a tiny dog. The only problem was that we had a big, German shepherd dog. We hoped that he would accept the new puppy.

        My dad, and little sister Eve, were on their way to get the puppy while me, my older sister Annie, my younger brother Jake, my other little sister Melissa, and my mom went about preparing a name and a bath for the new puppy. Since we had a picture of the puppy, it would be easier to figure out a name.Finally, after much thinking, we came up with a name for the puppy, Daisy. It would be perfect for it. 

       After about an hour and a half, the car showed up at the end of the driveway. Our dad, Eve and the new puppy were finally here! 

        Once the car was parked, we all rushed to the car to see the new puppy. “Its so cute!” I exclaimed. We brought it out and put it in the tub so we could give it a bath. “ We all came up with a name for the new puppy. If you and Eve agree with it, we can name it Daisy.”Jake exclaimed. “Yes, thats perfect! She is cream so it would go with her!” said my dad. 

        Annie got a pair of gloves and soap so she could wash Daisy. Our dad then went to go and get our German shepherd, Bolt. He wanted them ( Bolt and Daisy ) to get along and not fight. But instead, Bolt got mad and tried to bite Daisies neck! When he tried to, Annie put her hand in front of Daisies head to protect it. “Ouch!!!” Annie screamed. Bolt had bit her right between her thumb and index finger. Blood gushed out of it and soon we got Annie inside. My mom washed the wound and put lavender on it to stop the bleeding. When it finally did stop, my mom put a bandage on it. In the morning, we would bring her ot the doctor so they could check her hand to make sure nothing was wrong. We brought Daisy inside and put her in a large box with food, water, and bedding. Thankfully she was okay.

        In the morning, Annie went to the doctor with my mom, while my dad stayed home with us. When she came home, she told us that everything was okay and that she would be fine. There would be a scar, but a memory that Annie saved Daisie’s life. 

        We still have Daisy. She is full grown but only as tall as your knee. After that, Bolt and Daisy became best friends and cared for each other. Sadly, Bolt had an accident and was killed by a car. But Daisy is strong, protective, and loyal. 

       We wouldn’t still have Daisy if Annie hadn’t done what she did, but thanks to what Annie did, we still have her. Annie is fine and has never had problems with her hands, and thanks God for our wonderful dog.

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A New Dog and A Bite

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