2,000 years ago- The Pharisee, Fish seller and the Fisherman’s KIDS: Part 1

idea Gad, Pablo and James were friends, whose parents disliked each other. Well, James and Pablo’s parents were friends, but they hated Gad’s dad, who was a Pharisee called Lucarius. James’ dad was Peter, who was a Fisherman, and Pablo’s dad was Octavius, a Fish Seller.
“Gad, wake up! A man named Jesus is coming to town! My dad can’t come, because he’s fishing. He says I have to go to him before I go to your house, but come on! Hurry up!” James shouted. Once Gad was ready, they went over to Pablo, who was helping his dad in the market.
“Pablo, come on! We’re going to see Jesus!” Pablo ran to his friends and headed to James’ dad. As soon as they arrived at the fishing port, they saw a man dressed in white with a red sash around his waist. “Peter. Andrew, come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of man.” Andrew was James’ uncle, and Peter’s brother. This man must be Jesus! Peter and Andrew got up from their fishing boat and started to follow Jesus to Jerusalem. James ran to his dad and pulled his tunic.
“Dad, where are you going? Capernaum is this way!” James pointed toward the opposite direction. Peter stopped walking. He knelt down before James. “Son, Jesus is more important than anything. He is the son of God. He loves us, so I’ve decided to follow him.” James started to cry. Tears flowed from his eyes and Peter wiped them away. James’ dad walked away, and James decided to go home with Gad. Pablo had to go back to his stall.
“Jesus? Who is He?” Gad’s dad asked, waiting in anticipation.
“He’s the son of The Most High God.” Gad answered. Lucarius dropped his plate in anger.
“No one can be God’s son. How dare your father follow Him! It’s blaspheme I tell you! Blaspheme!” James looked at Lucarius.
“No one says that my father followed the wrong person! If my father can follow Jesus, then I can too.” James said in anger.
(Find out more by keeping track of part two)

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2,000 years ago- The Pharisee, Fish seller and the Fisherman’s KIDS: Part 1

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