Zombie Runs

This past month, I was presented with the opportunity to run a zombie 5k. Not knowing what that was, I looked it up online. It’s basically a regular 5k with zombie actors spread throughout the race chasing you. You will have these “capture the flag type” flags around your waist. If the “zombies” take all of your flags, then you must quit the race. After researching all of this, I quickly declined to run in a race like this.
The picture above may seem like it’s a lot of fun, but to Christians, we should try to stay away from things like this. They’re called zombie 5k runs. While I’m all for finding new and creative ways to exercise, this is not on my to-do list.
For some reason, our culture has become obsessed with zombies, vampires, and witches. These are dark subjects that are not of God and we have to be careful with what we let into our minds. Even the thought of actors dressing up like zombies and chasing me is a scary thought. The Bible teaches us that we must think on things that are pure. That means that things that aren’t pure will only serve as distractions.
Don’t get distracted. Keep you eyes, ears, and mind focused on Jesus.

By David Robinson

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