What’s in a Name?

“On this day in sports history, Richard Jacobs, then-owner of the Cleveland Indians baseball team, announced that he would pay $10 million to name the Indians’ baseball field ‘Jacob’s Field.'” 

It’s awesome that Jacobs had a cool $10 million to spend to put his name on a field. The reason that Jacobs did this was because he realized how important it was to have your name on something. With your name on something that big, it attracts people to you and your brand. You usually see this in sports because there are locations like “Wrigley Field,” “Heinz Stadium,” and even the “Staples Center.”
However, these guys were not the originators of this idea. Did you know that God paid the ultimate price to have his name on us? He sent his only Son to die for us so that we could be covered by His name. That’s why it’s important we make sure we represent Him when we’re playing sports. Lose yourself in Him to win at life 🙂 Happy Sabbath!
Source: Sports Trivia Devotional, Inspiration for Kids from Sports and Scripture by Dave Veerman and Dana Niesluchowski, Pg. 53 

By David Robinson

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