Very Superstitious

Meet 8-year-old Palmer Keifer.
As you can probably tell, he’s a Kansas University Jayhawks fan. In case you’ve been out of the country for the last month, March Madness is nearly over. The term March Madness is derived from the crazy upsets that happen during tournament time. It is the ultimate time for David vs. Goliath stories of smaller schools defeating bigger school in the NCAA Basketball tournament.
Palmer is rooting for Kansas, which is in the Final Four, and that jersey that he’s wearing isn’t coming off until KU wins on Monday. He’s been wearing the jersey since March 16, 2012 when the tournament began and KU defeated Detroit in the first round. You see, Palmer is what you call “superstitious.” That means that he believes that by doing certain things, he can affect the outcome of basketball games. Sometimes, this can also be known as jinxing something.
Now if Palmer really believes that by wearing this smelly jersey he can change things, I think that’s silly. There’s no such things as superstitions. If Kansas is going to win the tournament, then they’re going to have to do it with hard work. Superstitions are silly and they don’t do anything for us as Christians.
As you may, or may not, watch the rest of the Final Four, just remember that it was hard work and effort that got all those teams there and nothing else.

By David Robinson

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