Some 15-year-old Kid

The best way to succeed is to set goals early.

This video is of a then 15-year-old Michael Phelps talking about some of his goals. He mentioned that he wanted to win a gold medal in the Athen Olympics. As we all know, Phelps went on to win his first 6 gold medals, of his total 18, at Athens and also set the 400-meter world record! Talk about dedication!

It’s important for us as Christians to set goals as early as possible. One of our goals should be to be more like Jesus in every way. The quicker we dedicate ourselves to that goal, the better our lives will be in the long run. Just like with Michael Phelps, if we have an idea of what we want to do, then we can work toward it. I bet 15-year-old Michael Phelps had no idea how good he was going to be. However, he just continued to get better at what he wanted to do day by day.

That’s exactly the attitude we have to take as well; day by day.

Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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