Ray Lewis Rethinks Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Retired NFL player Ray Lewis uses his fame to do some good. 

In efforts to raise money and awareness to the water crisis in East Africa, Ray Lewis started the #TackleKili campaign. Lewis has been training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for some time now and started his journey this past Wednesday. As you may, or may not know, Kilimanjaro is the highest, free-standing mountain in the world standing a little over 19,000 feet above sea level.

Unfortunately for Mr. Lewis, complications in the climb have forced him to stop climbing the mountain. He had an incredibly high fever and his foot was swelling up. If he kept climbing, he could cause serious harm to his body. Instead, Lewis will continue to raise awareness at lower altitudes while the rest of his team continues up the mountain. Check out what Lewis tweeted as part of his efforts back on the ground.

Good job, Ray. I’m glad there’s one athlete using their success for life beyond their career. When I see stuff like this, it makes me want twirl around on one leg; like this: 

Happy Sabbath 🙂

By David Robinson

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