Pitching for Awareness

How do you pitch a baseball without arms?


Tom Willis was born without any arms. Thankfully, this didn’t stop him from trying to do the things he loves. Tom’s mission now is to show the world that just because you have disabilities, doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. Tom has taught himself how to pitch a ball with his feet! It’s pretty cool to see. 

Tom explained to a blog how he throws the ball:

“Basically, I hold the ball with my right foot and step back with my left leg. Then I lift my left leg into a kick like a real pitcher does. I bring that leg down slowly and the right leg comes up. Using the momentum that I’ve created in my hips when I bring my left foot forward, I get an extra whip and just try to throw straight at the catcher with the ball coming from my right foot. Most times it gets there. It’s similar to the same way people throw with their arms, but I do it with my legs and feet.”

That’s great! There are no excuses people, find something you want to do, and then figure out a way to do it. What cool things are you trying to accomplish? 

By David Robinson

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