Philippians 2:3-4 – Serena Williams’ Humility

Watching an opponent win can be upsetting; but Serena Williams says not only watching, but cheering for her opponents, contributes to her success.

Last weekend Venus and Serena Williams met in the Final round of the Australian Open. The only other time they’ve met in the final round of this tournament was back in 2003. At the time, Serena was coming into her prime, and came out victorious in that matchup. Ever since then, they’ve met numerous times at other tournaments. Serena’s record against Venus is 16-11, and most of those losses came early in her career.

Leading into this match she was quoted saying this about Venus, “She’s my toughest opponent – nobody has ever beaten me as much as Venus has. I just feel like no matter what happens, we’ve won.” Despite her winning record, Serena’s attitude towards her big sister Venus shows humility and gratitude.

Serena’s ability to genuinely hope for the best outcome for her competitor – Venus – is a great example of how the ultimate athlete should carry themselves. In Philippians 2:3,4 we’re encouraged to imitate that attitude and spirit no matter who we compete with. We’re advised not to act with selfish ambitions. Instead we’re told we should have an attitude of humility, and put others first.

I know it’s difficult to wish the best for other’s at times, but in those moments it’s most important to remember when we lift others up above ourselves, we can’t lose!<

By David Robinson

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