Matthew 5:16 – Tim Duncan’s Retirement

Tim Duncan, one of the greatest power forwards to ever play the game of Basketball recently had his number retired by the Spurs. Duncan’s best trait was his humility, on and off the court – rarely bragging or boasting after his huge achievements.

During Duncan’s jersey retirement Tony Parker shared memories of times after games in which he would look at the stat sheet, and be amazed by the impression Duncan had on the game. Parker said Duncan’s performance was so quiet, but the impact on the game was huge. Coach Popovich too shared a story of Duncan’s humility. After the Spurs drafted Duncan with the first overall pick, Popovich visited Duncan’s home for several days. They got to know one another and talked about everything – except for basketball!

The stories shared by Duncan’s peer’s and coaches are a great example of the attitude God expects of us. Matthew 5:16 explains that God will shine through us, if we let Him. There is no need to brag or boast, as everything that is good in us will shine before others when we stay humble. Letting God receive the glory and praise for our accolades is the ultimate celebration!

Matthew 5:16

By David Robinson

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