Matthew 28:19 – World Baseball Classic

Baseball is known as America’s favorite past time and is still popular today. The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is proof of its popularity.

The WBC started in 2006, and just like the Olympics, it only happens every four years. Countries across the globe send their very best athletes to compete, proving the power that sports have is strong enough to break language and distance barriers.

This year, the United States beat Puerto Rico to win the WBC Championship! The championship game wasn’t close, the U.S. shut Puerto Rico out 8-0 to become champions. The outcome of the WBC is less important than the unity and camaraderie shown by the different nations. Coming together to celebrate a game may not be top notch entertainment to some, but the WBC is an exact representation of why games are made; to bridge gaps between people.

Although baseball, and sports in general, are fun, it doesn’t compare to God’s love. For all of the blessings God has shown us, His name deserves to be spread to anyone willing to hear or accept it. Matthew 28:19 encourages us to do just that, and make disciples of all nations. Let’s take heed to this advice and bridge gaps by showing the love of Christ, no matter the situation.

Matthew 28:19

By David Robinson

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