Mark 13:26 – Be prepared

A 10-year long dream that finally came true.

Meet Andre Ingram, a 32-year-old 6-foot-3 guard, that got his dream fulfilled of playing in the NBA. It took Andre 10 years and 384 games for his dream to come true. Last week, after all of his preparation and waiting patiently Andre was able to excel at a high level.

He scored 19 points while making 6/8 of his shots, including 4/5 on threes. According to basketball reference “This was the fourth highest scoring NBA debut for any Laker, ever.” More points than Kobe Bryant, James Worthy, and Lonzo Ball had during their debuts.

Andre went from playing in the NBA G League (minor league farm system) to working as a math tutor in order to support his family to getting the call to play in an official NBA game. Stay ready so you never have to get ready. Andre easily could have folded under the bright lights, or given up his NBA dream earlier.

However, he did not. Andre knew that his time was coming. He did not know when but he knew when he got his shot he was going to seize the moment.
Just like Andre was prepared for his first NBA game, we need to be prepared for Christ’s return. We do not know when He’s coming but we need to be ready for His arrival. Mark 13:26 reads “At that time people will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory.” How are you getting ready for Christ’s return?

In the meantime, just like Andre, your time is coming too! It could be a new experience you never expected. Something is about to happen in your life. Expect many breakthroughs and many blessings. Keep believing and watch your life change.

By David Robinson

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