John 3:16

It’s one most famous verses in the Bible, but what does John 3:16 really mean?


1 John 3:16 states that God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus, to die for us. That’s really powerful. 

When I think about how much I love sports, it can hold a candle to God’s love. For the love of sports, I remember skipping homework, staying up late, and even missing out on other events just so I could watch sports. Are any of you like that?

I’ll do a lot of things in order to watch/play sports, but I don’t think I would give up a family member. But think about it, God loved you sooooo much, that He GAVE UP HIS SON! That kind of love can’t be matched. Around this time of year, people want to share the love for the holidays. Be sure that they get a dose of God’s love too. It can only be manifested through you 🙂


By David Robinson

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