It Ain’t Over…

Someone showed this clip to me this week:

I don’t know if you heard the explanation, but even the kid intercepted the ball, he didn’t down the ball before the game was over. This allowed the team who threw the interception to recover it and score the game-winning touchdown. In the background, you’ll hear a woman exclaim, “Are you serious?” and this completely embodies the shock some of those players must have felt. It’s a tough lesson to learn, but I guarantee you that kid will never make that mistake in football again.
This clip reminded me of pride coming before the fall. The kid who intercepted the ball was so happy that he didn’t remember to follow the proper procedures for the game. This happens the same way in life too. When we become too confident in what we’re doing, we start thinking that we’re untouchable and even unbeatable. Those should be the scariest times for you because that’s when you’re most likely to make a mistake. This kid’s mistake cost his team the game. What will your pride cost you if you let it go too far?

By David Robinson

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