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For those who don’t have a global view of soccer, you should know that Americans aren’t considered to be that good at soccer. We really focus our athletes to play other sports. Despite this though, America is getting better. As a show of support, many non-soccer US athletes and actors got together and made a commercial in support of the US Men’s National Soccer Team. Check out the commercial below:

Pretty cool commercial right? But the chant didn’t originate with the soccer team. The chant actually comes from Navy Prep student who made it up for basketball and football games. In 1998, Jay Rodriguez was given the task of creating a chant for his school. Eventually, the chant went viral and gained popularity as more and more schools started reciting the chant as their own. Now, a decade and a half later, it is now the rallying cry for America’s national soccer team in the World Cup.

I think it’s incredible that something so small, done with 100% effort, turned into something so large.

Imagine how the boy who brought the five loves and two fish felt the day the disciples asked him to share his food with 5,000 people. I wonder what the boy would’ve said if Jesus had told him that his food would feed everyone and that he would also have leftovers. But out of a loving heart, the boy gave his all to Jesus, and in turn, Jesus was able to make a miracle that touched the lives of 5,000 people and more!

Whether you’re doing chores, an outreach project, or doing a good deed, do it as if you were doing it for Jesus. You’d be surprised at how far a small act sincerity can go 🙂

Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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