Genesis 1:27 – Meet the Ertzes

He helped the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl. She is the reigning U.S. soccer player of the year. Who’s this new sports power couple?

 Meet Zach and Julie Ertz. They are both professional football/futbol players who not only play for the love of the game but each other. They’ve been married since March of 2017 and some say still in their honeymoon stage.

Julie was playing with the U.S. women’s soccer team in an exhibition game against Denmark in San Diego on Jan. 21, at around the same time the Eagles faced the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game.

After Team USA won 5-1 Julie found out that the Eagles had won and Zach was going to the Super Bowl. Like most moments these days, this was captured on video and it was very emotional.

As expected, the video went viral, and was shown to Zach in the Eagles’ lock room, he then got very emotional.

They are both, dedicated to workouts, wholesome and very devoted to their Christian faith. Zach was baptized before his marriage to Julie last March and credits their faith with the success of their relationship.

“It’s important. If you’re able to build something on a strong foundation, you’re not going to be easily swayed,” Zach said. “That’s something we strive for, because the distance that we have to work through is extremely difficult. It can pull you away. It’s extremely tough. It’s extremely strenuous on our relationship. So being able to be rooted in ‘the word’ and hold each other accountable, it’s got to be much bigger than the two of us.”

Genesis 1:27 reads “So God created man in His own image in the image of God he created him male and female he created them.”

A Christ-centered marriage is a healthy marriage. Zach and Julie grew closer to Christ, and that helped them with their relationship, friendship, and marriage. We should all stride to have a bond as special as Zach and Julie do.

By David Robinson

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