This is a really bad time for sports.


This week we’ve heard many updates on the Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice, and other football players’ bad behavior off the field. We’ve also heard the verdict on the Oscar Pistorius, the “Blade Runner.” Then we also heard the not-so-friendly remarks from Danny Ferry, the Atlanta Hawks’ general manager. The scary thing about it is that there are probably more stories like this that just haven’t come to the surface—yet.

Guide readers, this is the true face of sports. They’re people just like us. We have all have our sins that we struggle with. It’s important that during this time when we’re seeing the bad side of some people in sports, we remember that they should not be our role models. We’ve got to remember that the only person we should try to model our life after is Jesus. He is the ultimate role model and will never let us down. 

By David Robinson

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