Daxter Miles Jr. Learns Humility

It was a David vs. Goliath match, but David shouldn’t have bragged.


March Madness was in full swing last week at 68 teams officially entered the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. One of the dominant teams, the Kentucky Wildcats, look like a really strong team because of their tall, athletic players. Oh, and by the way, Kentucky was 36-0 up until that point; meaning, no one had beaten them.

Enter Daxter Miles Jr. 

Daxter plays for West Virginia University and after a great win against the Maryland Terrapins, Daxter and his WVU team were set to face Kentucky. Most people thought that Kentucky would win based on pure size alone. In comparison, WVU has a very small team. Instead of just practicing hard and playing determined basketball once the game started, Daxter decided to speak to the media. In an interview, Daxter told reporters that WVU would be the first team to beat Kentucky this season by saying, “After we play them, they’ll be 36-1.”

Long story short, WVU lost badly. Kentucky beat them soundly with a final score of 39-78.

Funny thing is that after the game, when reporters wanted to speak with Daxter, he was nowhere to be found. Finally, an assistant coach found Daxter hiding in the bathroom hoping that he wouldn’t have to talk to reporters. The coach made him come out and talk to the media. Very solemnly, Daxter’s only comments about Kentucky were “they played great.” He said this 10 times, indicating that he didn’t want to talk to reporters.

Be warned my fellow athletes, if you make big boasts before an outcome, be sure you can back it up. And even if you can’t back it up, always be sure to admit your fault and move on. Never hide from your mistakes. I just hope that Daxter has learned his lesson.

By David Robinson

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