Cool Runnings, Sochi 2014

Hey! Jamaica has a bobsled team.
Waaaaaay back in 1993, Disney made a movie called Cool Runnings. It was about a group of Jamaicans who wanted to race in the winter Olympics. Sounds crazy, right? Well truth is often stranger than fiction. These guys from Jamaica worked very hard together and overcame a lot of obstacles, and eventually, they made it to the 1988 Calgary Olympics. If you want to learn more about them, you can read about it, right here.
Currently, the Jamaicans are back at the Olympic Winter games at Sochi. Just like the previous national team, this team also faced their share of obstacles. For one, once they finally qualified for the games, they found out they needed $80,000 for funding. Praise God, they were able to raise $40,000 in two days! To date, the team has raised $129, 687.17 🙂 Awesome
Watch the video below to see exactly how a bobsleigh race is run.


One of the coolest things that was said in this video was that the driver has to anticipate the turns, because if you try to make changes while you’re in it, you will mess up badly. Interesting. My prayer is that God can help me, and all of you, learn to anticipate things so that you can be prepared when they happen, and not get caught trying to fix things late.
Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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