We fall down, but we get up.


After the tragic events that happened in the Boston Marathon on Monday, even leading up to its conclusion tonight, I wanted to share this moment with you all.
On Wednesday, April 17, just two days after the tragedy, Boston sports breathed life again. It was the first game in Boston post-tragedy. The images and words are powerful. Check it out:
Many people put their trust and hope in sports. It’s often the first thing that the world turns towards to feel normal after a tragic event. I’m glad that this helps put them at ease.
However as Christians, whenever a tragedy occurs, we have Jesus to turn towards. We should run towards Him and His words for comfort because when we are under Jesus’ wing, no weapon formed against us can hurt us.
Unfortunately until Jesus come back, there will be more sad events like the one we witnessed earlier this week. Take comfort in the fact that God is for us and that nothing can stand against us. We are truly, never alone.
Happy Sabbath!

By David Robinson

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