Acts 5 – Coach K Lies About Dillon Brooks Comment

Duke’s Coach K initially told a lie, and it reminded me of what happened in Acts 5.

In Acts 5, we come across the story of Ananias and Sapphira. To make a long story short, these two sold a piece of property, but then decided to lie about how much they sold it for so that they could keep a portion of the money for themselves. The apostle Peter asked Ananias why he lied and the results were…deathly. A couple hours later, Peter finds Sapphira and asks her how much she sold the property for, and she lied as well. Again, the results of her lying were…deathly.

So after the big NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen game between Duke and Oregon, there was the post-game handshake. Coach K shook the hands of Oregon’s star player Dillon Brooks. Coach K thought that Brooks was showing off at the end of the game and essentially told him that good players didn’t need to do that. Later, in the press conference, a reporter asked Coach K why he said what he said to Brooks. Coach K became defensive and said that he didn’t say that. But then a couple hours later, someone who had recorded the moment played the audio. Coach K was now caught in his lie.

This story is still developing, but it just reminded me that it’s not good to lie about things. Although it may be hard at first, the consequences being caught in a lie are much worse. Tell the truth; you’ll feel much better about yourself.

By David Robinson

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