Acts 10: 34-35 – Without Partiality

Today in America we have the ability to eat, sleep, live, work, and be who we what, but that has not always been the case. Previously in our history things that we may consider normal, people would have considered taboo, or irregular, like having people of different races on the same team.

Two weeks ago, on the January 31, we celebrated two heroes’ birthdays – Jackie Robinson, and Ernie Banks. Ernie was the first African American to play for the Chicago Cubs, and Jackie was the first African- American to play Major League Baseball. Not only were Jackie and Ernie pioneers for the game of baseball, they were also brave African-American men that sought change for all of America.

There are countless stories of Jackie and Ernie being forced to deal with acts of prejudice and racism. Yet they tried not to lash out at those that treated them unfairly, instead they carried themselves with dignity and respect. The example that Jackie and Ernie set is exactly how Christians should act when we’re encountered with prejudice or hostility.

In the Book of Acts, Peter addresses prejudice. Peter says that God shows no partiality (preference), and we as Christians should mirror that example! Everyone that loves and fears God is acceptable in His sight, no matter what others say about them. So, moving forward we can remember to carry ourselves in God’s image, and love all around us no matter our similarities or differences!

By David Robinson

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