Making the Best of Your Situation

Have you ever thought to yourself that life isn't fair? I know I have. Many times. However, in those situations, wiser people have told me to count my blessings because someone out there has it worse than me. I can honestly say that this is always true. Check out the story of Bethany Hamilton.

Bethany was only 13 years old when a tiger shark bit her arm off. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and the doctors were able to save her. Unfortunately, it's very hard to surf with only one arm. (Just try doing things with only one arm.) 

But do you want to know the cool thing? It was Bethany's faith that pushed her to get back out on her board.

"Being able to turn to Jesus after the shark attack kept me alive." Bethany said. 

Bethany trained and got right back into the ocean. She entered many competitions and still competes at a high level even now! The even cooler thing is that her story was so inspiring that a movie is made about her! It's called Soul Surfer

To learn more about Bethany's story and see more pictures; check out her site:

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