1 Samuel 16:7 – Appearances

God only uses the best people to do His work, but what does that look like?

In 1 Samuel 16:7, God talks to Samuel about finding a new king for Israel. God tells Samuel that He looks not on the outward appearance of people, but rather, he looks at their hearts. It’s very easy to be distracted by outward appearances. We may see people who are really beautiful or strong and think that they are the best. But we have no idea what they’re thinking on the inside. We have no idea how they really feel about anything. The good thing is that God sees past all the distractions of outward appearances and focuses on what consumes your heart. 

Try not to get distracted by what people look like, and instead, concentrate on how that person treats others. That’s the easiest way for us to tell what their hearts are like. That’s why a little shepherd boy named David was chosen over all his stronger, better-looking brothers 🙂 Focus on what’s in your heart and less on what you look like.

By David Robinson

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