WWII Soldier’s Diary (Fictional)

1, 1940

I have
been drafted into the United States Army. I have one week to say
goodbye to friends and family. After this week, I have been ordered
to report to the closest military base.
I’ve been visiting everyone that I know in my small hometown of
Galena, Illinois. Everyone is sad to see me go and I’ve gotten many
presents. I know it was foolish to believe that I would somehow be
missed by the draft, but it was a fantasy I kept alive in my mind.
Somehow, it took me
my family by
everyone else is turning their lights off in my house right now, I’d
better do it as well. Goodnight.

2, 1940

was the last day I have with my family and friends. Tomorrow I have
to board a train to Chicago where I will report to the military base.
I’m unsure of what I’ll do in the military. Last year, I was
converted to Christianity. In Christianity, I was taught not to kill
any other man. But what I don’t understand is, what if that man is
trying to invade your country or kill your family. What would you do
then? I have a feeling that this won’t be an easy life in the army.


checked in to camp! I was surprised by the greetings, if you could
call it that, of the men here. When I first drove into camp the
guards at the gate were fairly nice, but everyone else I met from
that point forward was silent. I waved to a few people and smiled
when I entered the registration office, but I was met only with
glares and looks of indifference. After
waiting for hours, my name was finally called and I walked up to the
front desk to complete my registration. Once
the paperwork was done and it was confirmed that I was me, I was
directed to the barracks where I would be staying and found a bunk
which is where I’m writing this now.


was horrible! No one was sure what was in it, but I don’t think it’s
edible. Unit
by unit,
we were called to come get our food. Everyone formed into a long
line. When I finally got to where the food was being served and
saw what we were supposed to eat,
my hunger vanished almost instantly. After
breakfast, we were given a tour of the camp. Mostly the usual stuff
such as headquarters, barracks, and first aid center. When
we made it inside the first aid center, I was surprised at how neat
and tidy everything was. Compared to the rest of the camp, this was a
heaven of sparkling linoleum. At
the end of the day we had another meal, supper, which was
semi-edible. But after going the whole day without eating anything, I
was starved so I ate as much as I possibly could before heading off
to my barracks.


morning everyone was woken up around 5 AM by the sound of a
loudspeaker chirping its morning song. We were told to assemble in
our units out in the front of the headquarters. Once
everyone was lined up perfectly, the commander at the base told us
the day’s schedule. First, we were going to eat a quick breakfast.
After breakfast, we would split into our separate units for training.
My unit was picked to go to target practice first. Once we lined up
in our little formation again, our unit commander asked how many of
us had ever fired a gun before. Everyone raised their hands. Then,
the commander sectioned us off into separate targets. Every man was
given a gun and a few rounds for starters. A
man next to me snickered and told me to look at the commander’s
boots. I did and saw that one of them had the shoelaces untied. I
chuckled too, but quietly so the commander wouldn’t hear me. The man
next to me introduced himself as Mike and then I told him my name.
Now that I’ve made a friend, I think being in the Army will be a lot


is the first time I’ve written in two weeks! I’ve been so wrapped up
in training that I haven’t had time. Many things have changed since I
wrote last. First, I made two more friends, Joe and David. Secondly,
we have been doing intense exercise and endurance training. Tonight
we don’t have anything planned other than an early curfew. This is
because we’re doing a race tomorrow. Each unit will be racing the
others to get to the end of a long course. Along the way will be fake
enemies with Simmunition rounds loaded in their guns. We’ll be
“fighting” them as well as the other teams. The grand prize for
the winning unit is exemption from KP duty for a month. So of course,
everyone will be trying their hardest to win. 

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WWII Soldier’s Diary (Fictional)

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