Who am I?

I’m sorry for the delay, I didn’t have access to my computer.lol. Enjoy

When I woke up there was a bright
light shining in my eye.

“Hello is anybody there?” There was no response. Inside the room there was no
windows and the walls were white. I turned around and saw a door. Promptly I
turned the knob.


Suddenly the door slammed open and two men walked in and dragged me out of the
room. When I got out I realized I was in some sort of government spy facility.
The walls wereblack and there were dull lights casting an eerie glow. Around
me many people in suits filled the hall. The men turned into an office and let
me go.

“Hello, Sean.”

I turned to my left and a man in a suit was sitting in an overly large desk. “I
know you must be dying to know who we are.” He continued.

All I could do was shake my head.

“My name is Mr. Promith.” He said, and then he took a dramatic pause. “And this
is U.S.O, The United Spy Organization.”

Finally I regained my courage, “Ok what does that have to do with me, and why
did you kidnap me.”

“Well Sean, we want to recruit you to our force, you would join the Y.S, the
Young Spies. We saw that you very much in shape, you have high academic
standards, and you have the right mindset. So what do you say?” Mr. Promith

“Will I have to keep it a secret?” I asked.

“Yes, but not from your mother. She is already a member.” Said Mr. Promith.

I stared at him in shock, “What!” I said.

“Yep she is one the top performing spies.

I thought again for a while, “Yes, I’ll do it.” I replied.

“Great, in a couple of days you will start to feel changes. You will become
stronger, smarter, and faster.” Mr. Promith said.

“Umm… Why?” I asked.

“Oh you
don’t know yet. Well… Let’s just say, you have a computer chip inside of you.





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Who am I?

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