Who am I?


“What!” Mom yelled.

our house phones are gone.” I replied. Our house phones aren’t like the regular
ones, they look like a cell phone. They are touch screen, you can call or text
on them, you can also track the other house phones with them, and you can do a
lot more. Because of all those amenities it costs over five hundred dollars and
that would make it a big target for thieves.

ran over to me in the kitchen where a hole in the wall was the only thing left
of the house phone base. We both went to every room in our house and didn’t
find and house phones. Luckily our cell phones were untouched. So I went into
my room and turned off my PS5 as my mom called the police. This game is going to have to wait. I thought to my self.

later the doorbell rang followed by a machine gun of knocking. Mom beat me to
the door and two policewomen came in and asked mom what happened.

two big men in suits came to our house, their names were Xander and Alex. They
were saying how they were surveying the town to keep it safe.” Mom said, and
with that the two officers looked at each other. Mom continued, “I went to the
kitchen to get them some cookies, and when I returned Alex was gone and when
Xander was leaving Alex came from the bathroom area. That’s when Sean, my son
told me the house phones were missing.”

when they left the phones were missing?” Asked one of the police officers, mom
said yes. “Well,” Started the other officer we have gotten the same story from
about every person in the town, so we will get to you on this when we have a

the policewomen left I went to my room and called my best friend Connor. “Hey Connor did you lose your house phone today?” I asked.

how did you know?” Connor replied.

one stole ours also, meet me at the fountain at the center of town.” I tell

right see you there,” Connor says.

I’m going to meet Connor, be back in an hour or two!” I yell.

be safe.” And with that I was out the door and on my way to the fountain.

When I
reached the fountain five minutes later, Connor wasn’t there yet. All of a
sudden two big men came to me wearing suits.

you Sean Harvey?” One of them asked.

nodded my head yes.” I was already tired of seeing big men in suits.

you must come with us.” Then both of them grab me and pull me to their van.
Then every thing goes dark.




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Who am I?

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