When the Times Comes | Rebecca

I am going to pause the story to give you guys a little description of 7 characters. Rebecca, Olivia, Josiah, Kaila, Pastor Andrew, and Rebecca’s parents.
Pictured above is the main character, Rebecca. She is 14 years old. Her character is a little strange to describe. She isn’t shy but she isn’t outgoing. She doesn’t normally strike up a conversation with other people. She is very kind, but can be a little harsh. Then again she’s in a prison because of her beliefs.
Best friend: Kaila (she will be covered soon).
Crush: She doesn’t really think about that yet.
Enemy: Rebecca used to think Olivia was, but Olivia seemed to be warming up to her. Then again they seem to disagree on everything, so she’s not sure.
Parents: Eilon and Bethesda
Q&A with the Author (aka me)
Do you know anyone who reminds you of Rebecca?
Hmmm… I know a lot of people who are kinda shy but not really extroverted. I really don’t know anyone who REALLY reminds me of Rebecca.
Why did you choose that name?
You know, I wish I had a deep meaning to it but I don’t. I did try to use Hebrew names. So I made sure it was Hebrew.
Is Rebecca going to live?
What inspired you to write this story?
Honestly one thing stands out to me, and that is Perpetua all the way. If you don’t know who she is, I would highly recommend watching “Perpetua” by Torchlighters (they have tons of good stories btw).
I honestly can’t think of any questions to ask myself, but comment down below what you guys want to know and I will answer it.
Important! Please comment down below questions for me to ask Olivia or myself (be sure to tell me who you want to ask, Olivia or me)! The deadline is November the 5th!

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When the Times Comes | Rebecca

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