When the Time Comes | Chapter 6

Josiah and Octavia peered around the house. There it was. Pastor Andrew’s house. They carefully walked over to it, and drew the fish. No one answered the door.
“Of course, the believers probably meet somewhere else now that Pastor Andrew is gone.” Octavia sighed.
“Well, maybe they are meeting at the other believer’s houses.” Josiah said.
Octavia nodded and they both decided to go to Rachel’s house. She was a believer who was rich and would often have the meetings in her house.
Rebecca looked around the jail cell. This was to be her last day of living. She had lost her best friend Kaila, and her new friend Octavia. She didn’t have her parents to comfort her. She felt very alone, but she knew God was with her. The soldier opened the gate. It was time to go.
Josiah knocked on the door and Octavia drew the fish. Rachel’s servant, Beth, opened the door. Her eyes were widened in shock, as she knew where they had come from. “Come in!” She exclaimed finally.
Octavia smiled at Rachel and walked in. There were all the believers who had not been captured. All of the sudden Octavia saw Aliza, her best friend. She ran to Aliza and they both cried and hugged each other at the same time.
“Octavia! I was so worried about you, I thought you were killed!” She finally said.
“I’m glad you were sick that day that we were captured!”
Rachel walked over to Josiah.
“Josiah, you and Octavia need to leave Rome. They will give you no peace.”
“I know, but where should we go?” Josiah sighed.
“I can get you on a ship tonight to Shem Hadar, where Christians are not persecuted.”
Octavia walked over to Josiah.
“We, well, we think it would be good for us to be married if we’re going to be traveling together.” Josiah finally stammered.
Rachel frowned. “You know you can’t be legally married, as you two are not really-“
“What can we do then?” Octavia said.
Rachel looked at the other Pastor, Pastor Joshua. “Well, God knows your intentions, and Pastor Joshua could marry you two.”
Rebecca watched the bloody game going on between the gladiators. She knew her time was coming, and it made her nervous but at peace. Finally, one gladiator stabbed the other, and he was victorious. The crowds roared in favor of the winner.
Now, it was time for the less entertaining killing of the Christians. The gate was opened for them to walk out to the Colosseum.
 Rebecca saw them opening the gates for the lions to come out.
She breathed a prayer and looked at the lion. It was roaring fiercely, as it had probably not eaten anything for some days. Rebecca looked at the other Christians. They were all standing strong. She looked at Octavia’s parents, still as strong as lions in their belief. She looked at the lion again. It was coming closer to her, inch by inch. She closed her eyes, and never opened them again.
“God be with you!”
Josiah and Octavia stood on the ship, waving goodbye to the believers. Finally, they could barely see the believers, and Rome.

Hi guys! This is the last chapter of When the Time Comes and I’m kind of sad but I’m really excited for Failure! I would really like to do a second part of this however, so lemme know if that’s something you guys would be interested in.

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When the Time Comes | Chapter 6

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