When the Time Comes | Chapter 5

Chapter 5
“Have you written down everything we need?” *Octavia said. Josiah nodded. “What else do we need to do?”
Octavia thought about it. “Hmm, well we need a plan on how to actually get out.”
Kaila walked over to them. “How is your plan, Octavia?”
“What?” She screeched. “You guys don’t actually have a plan to escape-“
Octavia covered Kaila’s mouth, but it was too late. One of the guards heard the word “escape.”
Octavia woke up from her dream. She felt a feeling that she should not try to escape, and that it would result in sure death. She immediately walked over to Josiah, who was sleeping. She smiled at him. He really was the only one who understood her. He didn’t judge her for being so passionate, zealous, and protective. And he’s so sweet… Octavia thought. Ugh, stop thinking like that. You’re too young for things like this.
Josiah groaned.
“Are you up?”
Josiah didn’t even open his eyes. “Octavia,” Then he opened his eyes. “What’s wrong?”
“How did you know that was me?”
“I know your voice. I wouldn’t be able to forget it.”
Octavia blushed. “I, um, j-just wanted to say…” She tried to remember what she was going to say. She could tell her skin was probably all shades of red. “I think we should stop trying to escape. I had a dream that we got caught, and I feel like we will if we keep trying.”
He studied her face. “If you say so, Octavia, I will trust you.”
Octavia couldn’t take it anymore. She got up to leave, but Josiah caught her arm. “We’re going to have to make a decision.” Josiah said mournfully. “It will affect our future.”
Our future? Like, him and I?
“I won’t burn incense to them. To their gods. There is only one God, and I intend to follow Him till I die. Which… won’t be too long from now.” Octavia finally said.
“Then I won’t either.”
Rebecca sat in her corner, thinking of her family. All of the sudden Pastor Andrew walked over to her. “May I sit down here?”
“Yes.” Rebecca said timidly. She was worried he was going to rebuke her for some past sin.
“If you don’t mind me asking, what happened with your family? Are they well?”
Rebecca couldn’t hold it in anymore. She let it all out.
“I don’t understand why they would do something like that. Why would they betray God?” Rebecca finally ended her story.
Pastor Andrew said nothing for a few moments. Rebecca began to feel nervous. Is he thinking how evil my family is?
“Rebecca, I do not blame your family.” Rebecca looked up surprised at Pastor Andrew. “Death is not an easy thing for any humans to face.” And with that he got up and walked away. Rebecca stared in unbelief.
What am I going to do when we have to burn incense?
Yay a new chapter!! still ask questions for Octavia down below! Summary of the chapter:
Octavia is beginning to like Josiah. They both decide to not burn the incense to the false gods. Rebecca is still feeling bad about her parents, but Pastor Andrew makes her feel better. However, now she is faced with a grave decision: will she keep her faith in God and die, or burn the incense and return to her family?
*Her name is not Olivia, it is Octavia which someone helped me realize 😉

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When the Time Comes | Chapter 5

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