When I became a Duck

When I Became a Duck

It started when my lips grew long,

And orange, hard, and very strong.

And then my toes fused together

Which scared the wits out of my mother.

Then I watched as they separated

And then three toes were created.

A flap of skin between my toes

Completed ripping my pantihose.

My hair turned into a snowy white

Soft as feathers, very bright.

Then the fuzz spread across my skin

Along with oils and greases I was doused in..

Soon my legs grew long and skinny

And I looked like pure baloney,

My eyes shrunk into something small and beady

And my stomach large and meaty.

I started to cry at my horrible state

But then I found out I couldn’t lacrimate!

I looked in the mirror. What did I see?

An oversized duck, staring at me!

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When I became a Duck

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