What Storms May Come


I’ve had the pleasure of helping clean up after hurricanes. You might be
asking right now, “Mr. Rolf, how is cleaning up a pleasure?” I’ve found that
when you’re doing what God wants you to do, it is always a pleasure.

This year many of our older brothers and sisters that are TLTs (Teen
Leadership Training) will probably be heading south to help clean up after
the recent hurricane and floods. You might asking what can I do? How can I
make sure that what I do is actually helpful? With your parents permission,
if you want to donate time or money contact your local Community
Services Center and ask them what you can do or donate online to ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Association) if there is no community service center near you. Make a difference! Be
amazing! Not because anyone begs you to. Do it because you can. If it is
what God wants you to do, it will be a pleasure. Disasters can hit us on
any day, at any time. Are you ready today?

Check out ADRA @ adra.org

Also check out the following honor, Disaster Ministry @


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What Storms May Come

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