What’s In a Name


This month’s article (March 11 Issue) for Pathfinders is titled, “What’s in a Name.” There are numerous stories in the Bible about God changing people’s names. One of my personal favorites is Saul becoming Paul.

The Bible also tells us that when we get to heaven our names will be changed. To me I always thought this was kind of weird because I like my name. I often thought when I was younger, “Why would I want to change my name?”

But then I started thinking about nicknames and to me I realized that that meant that God was going to give me a nickname, or dare I say, a Christian name. Maybe you’ve heard your parents or older siblings have a nickname for someone they love. It’s a special name that only they use. Maybe your parents call each other “Sweetie,” “Dear,” “Honey,” or something a bit more rare like “Wildfire.” So on that day when Christ finally comes, I’m going to be pretty excited to hear God’s nickname for me.

This weekend I want you to crack open the Bible and I want you to read one of those stories about somebody that had their name changed. Now if you want to have a little bit more fun and start working on an honor at the same time, I would recommend checking out the Bible Marking honor. Also I want you to look up what your name means and ask your parents why they chose that name for you. Each name has story, what’s yours?

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What’s In a Name

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