We’ll be back again…same place every year



 Song I wrote out of my head when I was bored…like?

WE’LL BE BACK AGAIN [Same Place Every Year] by: Sekayi_101



Verse #1



Same place every year



You and me here



Either walking     



Or talking



Or dancing     



Or laughing



Or kicked back relaxing



We only come once a year



But we make the



Best of what we have here



When it’s begun



We have fun



Whether rain



Or sun



Doesn’t matter where we come from






It’s fun when we’re together



Wish we could be here forever



But after a while we have to leave



Different air we have to breathe



We go back from where we came



But it’ll never be the same



But we’ll be back again



Whether sunshine or rain



We’ll be back again



Back again [repeat x2]






Verse #2



When we come here every year



We get away from our fears



Instead we’re laughing



And singing



And dancing



To whatever song is playing



And when we talk about the ‘old times’



And then we



Realise how the time flies



Then it’s over



And we’re gone



And down goes



The sun



And we’ll be back next year









We don’t have to be sad



And we don’t have to worry



Cause we’ll be back



And then we’ll have more stories



To tell each other



But not enough to smother



About our experiences



Whether good or bad



We’ll all be glad



Cause we’ll be together agian



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We’ll be back again…same place every year

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