Part of God’s 3rd day of creation.

I just wished that the water could stop falling so I can do
a cross-examination.

I want to study the water’s molecule and its gravitational

I want to study the white foams
that burst from the bottom of its fall.

I want to know its end and what
started it all.

They said that another way that God purifies something is
through oxygen.

When the water falls, a bunch of white foams are bursting,
bubbling, and crashing,

Oxygen is
created; dissolving and eating away the bacteria.

The waterfall explanations- I am in awe.


How did God do all this?

Explaining the mind of the Infinite is like chasing the ends
of the galaxy.


From water falling,

To the oxygen
bubbles rising.

From bacteria in cleansing,

To life

Like water falling from the top to touch and flourish the

This brings me to the story of Jesus,

Coming down
from a high position to cleanse us.

He’s the water providing life.

He is the Creator of life, giving us breath to breathe in the
oxygen that’s cleansing us and giving us life.

He gave us life through self-denial to carry that heavy

our consequences of hurt, whips, blood to finish His great mission of sacrifice.

He sacrificed His time in Heaven.

From an angel of Light and beauty of God to God in flesh,

He lived in this dark, sinful, and
dim world outshining .

A world of money, love, fame, & choices,

lovers, intelligent people, and stuck-up people sniffing with their noses of

This world always went through a roller coaster of truth
& deception.

through fear from the Hegelian theory and

Truths and
lies to believe from the process of twisted psychology.

He made it through this world sin free,

We too can
live that life of purity!

He left it all with us in the Word,

words of inspiration through His Holy Spirit.

God gives us free will & the right to choose-

To give up
our life for eternal life and loose the temporary treasures of this world.

Or, live in
this world hanging onto the predestined treasures to disintegrate and bare our
own sins and bound to the world’s captivity.


He offers the life,

Even after
our mortal body dies.

Altogether, we can live twice in the present He will soon
reveal to His people.

We can live in a world that we have been wishing back then.

It’s a world of no sorrows, pain, and tears.

We can live with the Man who gave us the blessed, daily
plate of Water, Bread, and Oxygen.


That’s why waterfalls fascinate me so much.

I thank God for His life and His waterfalls.

In the Word and all His creation,

always find Him and the gold of His redemption.

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