Waiting for You ~ 5

Hello again! I hope you are all doing well! Thank you to everyone who reads my stories, and takes time to let me know. Now, without further ado, here’s chapter 5!
Chapter 5:

   “Ruth, are you sure this is a good idea?” May skeptically asked.

   “My ideas are always good! Now, let’s go get a pass.” Ruth smirked.

   Walking down the stairs to the dean’s office, Ruth said,” I’ll just say we want to visit a church.” 

   “But nothing!” Ruth replied. “On Wednesdays churches have prayer meetings. I checked their website. It starts in half an hour.”

   “I need to go do some homework.” May turned around quickly, but Ruth grabbed her.

   “No, you can do later!” Ruth dragged her along.

   As they arrived in front of the dean’s office, Ruth knocked.

   “Come in.” A voice called from within.

   Ruth opened the door, and asked, “Miss Burns, we just want to visit a local church for prayer meeting. May we have a pass?”

   Well, do you have a friend to go with?” Miss Burns asked.

   Ruth pulled May into the room. “I do.” She smirked.

   “Well, how far is their church?” She asked.

   “Only a ten minute drive.” Ruth replied.

   “Well, do you have transportation?” Miss Burns asked.

   “Well, I kind of know how to drive.” Ruth blushed. She hadn’t thought of that.

   “If you have enough money, you could take a bus. Let me know which bus you will take after researching.” Miss Burns said.

   Walking back to their room, Ruth blurted, “why are schools so protective? We can take care of ourselves. Wait, I have an idea!” 

Ruth pulled May into their room, and shut the door.

   “Not another of your ideas!” May rolled her eyes.

   “Let’s just sneak out the back!” Ruth said, ignoring May’s disgusted look.


   “May, c’mon! We’ll walk to the bus station. You do have enough money for a bus, don’t you?” Ruth interrupted.

   “Hey! It’s your idea! You pay!” May replied.

   “I would, but I’m broke!” Ruth explained.

Pulling the crumpled bills out of her purse, she followed Ruth out the door.


   “Mom, when will we be there?” Anthony impatiently asked.

   “Well, according to the GPS, we’ll arrive in about ten minutes.” His mom answered.

   As they pulled into the parking lot, Mrs. Jones took Anthony’s hand. How she would worry about him, and what if the treatment didn’t work? She brushed some tears out of her eyes with her hand. Mr. Jones understandingly put his arm around his family.

   “Hello!” A cheerful nurse greeted them. “I’m nurse Trisha. What’s your name?” She asked Anthony.

   “Anthony.” He replied.

   “Nice to meet you Anthony.” She kindly said. “And you are?” She looked at Anthony’s parents.

   “I’m Jeremiah Jones, and this is my wife, Amelia.” Mr. Jones replied.

   “Nice to meet you guys. Dr. James told me you were coming. We have a room all ready for you, Anthony.” Nurse Trisha said. Her sunny personality made Anthony a little more comfortable having to stay in the hospital.

   They followed Nurse Trisha to a desk in the corner of the lobby. After all the paperwork had been filled out, Nurse Trisha led them through a hall, in an elevator, and finally into room 193. 

   Anthony entered the room he was to call home for a while. The light blue walls reminded him of the blue sky he would admire through the window in the corner of the room, peering down two stories down to where the family’s car was parked. 

   “Alrighty! You get settled, Anthony. I will be back to check on you later.” Nurse Trisha smiled. Anthony knew it would be easier living here with kind people like Nurse Trisha. 

   His mom helped him get settled, and they went to go talk to Dr. Elliot, the doctor who would be in charge of Anthony’s treatment. Anthony gazed out the window, into the distance where, beyond the hills was his house. How he would miss it! 


   Lockers were slammed shut as the bell rang. As the patter of feet hurrying to the classed diminished, Emma and Natalie ran down the hall toward the seventh grade classroom. 

   “Did you hear?” One of the boys ran behind them.

   “Hear what?” Emma asked.

   “That Anthony Jones had cancer.” He replied.

   “What! Isn’t his father Mr. Jeremiah Jones? The Mr. Jeremiah Jones? Natalie asked.

   “Yes, I think so.” Replied the boy who darted into his classroom.

   “I think my dad is employed by him!” Emma whispered as they slipped into class.

   Natalie nodded. “Mine too!” She whispered.

   After school, Emma’s mom came to pick them up. They climbed in in front of Bella, Mary, and Judah.

   “Hi girls! Natalie, your aunt asked me to pick you up.” Mrs. Anderson greeted them.

   “Oh, yes. I got a text from her. How about Nathan?” Natalie asked.

   “He’s riding with his friends for a play date.” Mrs. Anderson replied.


   Mrs. Anderson broke the reverie. “Did you girls have a nice day?” 

   “Yes.” They replied.

   “Is dad’s boss Mr. Jeremiah Jones?” Emma asked.

   “Yes, I believe so. Why?” 

   “We heard today that his son, Anthony, in first grade has cancer.” Natalie replied.

   “Oh no! We need to pray for the Jones.” Mrs. Anderson replied.

   Driving home in silence, each one, even Natalie offered a silent prayer for Anthony.

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Waiting for You ~ 5

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