Waiting for You ~ 3

Hey guys! Thank you all for reading my stories, and saying how much you liked them. Since many of you asked me to continue, I will. Here is chapter three of Waiting for You. Have a happy Sabbath!
May groaned and turned over under her soft blanket.
   “Let me sleep!” She said to Ruth.
   “Come on! It’s eight o’clock, and for breakfast we get pancakes! I don’t want to miss them!” Ruth shook her awake.
   “Pancakes!” May was wide awake.
She ran over to her side of the closet and opened it up. She chose a cute blue top, and a pair of jeans. Dashing out of the room behind Ruth, she hurried toward the cafeteria.
   “Let’s see if we can get a pass to go shopping this afternoon. I have a little allowance saved up.” May suggested.
   “Good idea! After breakfast let’s go get a pass.” Ruth responded.
   Mr. Jones checked on Anthony.
   “How are you feeling today, son?” He asked.
   “The same as before, daddy.” Anthony replied. “Why does the doctor have to take some tests?”
   “Well, son, it will help us find out if something is wrong with you.” He explained.
   “I hope there’s nothing wrong with me.” Anthony said.
   “Me too son.” Mr. Jones replied. “Me too.”
   Brrring! Brrring! May’s phone buzzed.
   “Oh, it’s mom!” She said, answering. “Hi mom!”
   “Hello May! How’s your day going?” Came the crackly voice on the other end of the line.
   “Oh, pretty good. I’m glad school is out for a couple of days.” May replied.
   “Well, good honey. I was just calling to wish you a happy Sabbath!”
   May rolled her eyes. “Well, OK, I guess. Um, talk to you later!” She tried to end the conversation.
   “Oh, ok May. Bye!”
   “What’s going on?” Ruth asked.
   “Oh, nothing. My mom called to wish me,”
   “I didn’t know it was your birthday! Why didn’t you tell…”
   Ruth cut her off. “No, it’s not my birthday. My family has been “converted” into a weird church that keeps Saturday for Sunday, don’t eat pork, and anyway, just a bunch of rules. They call it their “Sabbath”. My mom called to wish me a happy Sabbath.”
   “Well that’s weird!” Ruth replied.
   “I know!” May groaned. “I mean, my parents taught me about God, and we used to go to church once and a while. My parents have hardly ever made a mistake, but now they’re saying they were wrong, and I’m just so confused.”
   “What’s the name of the church?” Ruth asked.
   “Um, I think it’s Seventh Day, um something church. Oh, Seventh Day Adventist!” She replied.
   “Hmm, I think my aunt Eliza goes to that church!” Ruth said.
   “Is she the aunt that moved in with your family, well, when…” Her voice trailed off.
   “Yes. She moved in to help with housework and take care of Natalie and Nathan.” Ruth hesitated. “I, I don’t know if there is even a God. I mean, if he was real, why, why would my mom have to die? Why did baby Rachel die before she was even born?”
   “I, I don’t know. I don’t know who to ask, or what to think or do.” May sighed.
Both girls drifted into deep thoughts, and we’re asking deep questions that needed answers. In fact both of them were so absorbed in thought, they forgot all about going to the mall.
   Emma was happy that Natalie had visited their church. And when Natalie, her aunt and brother came over for lunch, all the kids had great fun. Natalie and Emma were hanging out in Emma and Alyssa’s room.
   “I’m glad you came to church, Natalie.” Emma said.
   “Me too!” Natalie said.
   “So, what do you want to do?” Emma asked.
   “I don’t know. Did you plant anything new in your garden?” Natalie asked.
   “Oh, yes, we did. And we finished the pond. It’s really pretty out there. My siblings aren’t allowed to go there by themselves, but I’m sure my mom will let us go.
   “Great! Let’s go ask!” Natalie replied.
Both girls clomped down the stairs.
   “Oh, and my dad hung up a swing. We can take turns pushing each other.”
   “Sounds fun!”
   “Hi girls!” Emma’s mom interrupted.
   “Hi mom! Natalie and I were wondering if we could go see the pond.” Emma asked.
   “Well, it’s fine with me. If Natalie’s aunt says she can go, then go ahead!” Her mom replied.
   “Thanks mom!”
   “Aunt Eliza, Emma’s mom said if you give me permission, we can go see their new pond.” Natalie asked.
   “Well, that’s fine. Have a nice time girls!” Came the reply.
   Emma and Natalie skipped outside.
   “I like your Sabbath. I mean, I thought it was all about, do this, and do that, but it’s been really fun today.” Natalie said.
   “Yes, I’m so glad our family found out the truth. And I’m so glad your aunt took you to church today. Are you going to come next week?” Emma asked.
   “Of course! And if my aunt doesn’t come, if she lets me, would you possibly…”
   Emma cut her off. “Of course we’ll pick you up! My parents always tell me, if it’s ok with my friends parents, and if they won’t cause any trouble, we have room in the car.”
   “I hope I don’t cause trouble.” Natalie giggled.
   “Of course you don’t.” Emma replied.
   “Let me show you the pond.” Emma offered. “And would you like to see the swing next?”
Such was the start of many happy Sabbaths.

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Waiting for You ~ 3

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