Trouble in Paradise Chap. 1

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Chapter One
April opened her eyes as the daylight came in. In her bed, she looked around her room in the beachouse, glancing out the window. Then she sat up and walked over to her vanity to brush her hair. Ring, ring, ring, her phone beeped. “Hello?” she said, yawning. “Hey April, its Ashlynn! Happy Birthday!! Meet me at the beach in ten minutes by the lifeguard stand. Bye!” Ashlynn (her best friend) said. “My birthday?” April asked. But it was too late. Ashlynn had hung up. April looked at her watch. It was already 10:27 in the morning! “How late did I sleep?” she said, remembering her dream. Simply put, the dream involved cookies, candy, and unicorns. April frantically ran around the room. ” I forgot to wash my clothes!” she realized. tearing apart her tidy room, April found something. A yellow sundress.  A quick second look found a sunhat, along with some heart shaped sunglasses. She probable looked like some weirdo who wore a beach outfit in January in Beaverton, Oregon. But she had no choice. She trekked downstairs and found herself with waffles with whipped cream spelling out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” on them, and presents. “Mom? Dad? What’s going on here? And why is Danny here when he needs to be at college?” April questioned. Danny, her big brother, answered her. “Hey, kiddo, I took a vacation day to see lil’ sis. Hey, 15-year old!”
“Open the presents,sissy! But why are you wearing that? It’s 41 degrees outside!” her little sister, Maggie said. April saw her mom whisper something to her dad. Rip,rip,rip went the wrapping paper of the biggest one. A….. telescope? “Umm…. thanks!” Down went another present. Coats! She ripped through all of them until she had got a Barbie Doll (probably from Maggie), a book on space, a camera, and a check for 50$. “Wow, thanks guys!” she said, not really meaning it. “Well, gotta meet Ashlynn!” she said. April heard her mom mumble “Those two are glued at the hip.”
April arrived at the beach, shivering though she had her coat on. Maybe she should of worn her sister Bree’s clothes. Ashlynn giggled. ” April, why are you wearing that? It’s not summer yet!” Ashlynn said.” C-couldn’t find anything e-else warm” was all April managed to say. “Well,since you seem a little chilly let’s go to Sweet Tooth Bakery. A croissant should warm you up.” Ashlynn said, obviously hiding a laugh. April agreed.
Ding,ding, the door chimes rung as they pushed open the door. “Hello, Mrs. Goodheart. May I have two chocolate covered croissants for April? She’s kind of cold.”
“Of course, girls. How’s your winter break been?” she said.
“Pretty okay, Mrs. Goodheart.”
“Happy birthday, April!”
“Uh, thanks!”
“And you know the birthday policy!” Mrs. Goodheart said, her and Ashlynn grinning.
“Did you plan this?” she asked.
“You get a free cupcake of whatever flavor you like!”
“Oh.” April said. “Wait, cupcakes! Yay!” She ordered a lemon cupcake with a meringue frosting with white chocolate shavings on top.
“April!!!! I almost forgot your present!”
“Oh my goodness is it a date with Jayden?”
“NO! But it is… just open it and see.” So April opened the present. Inside she found a book she had never heard of. April shot a questioning look at Ashlynn. “Well, we’ve been friends for a long time, and I’ve been a Christian the whole time. After all these years, I wanted to witness to you. Please, April just give God a chance.” April squinted. In tiny letters, it said “Holy Bible”. She had to make her choice.
She made up her mind. “No! IF He is a being, we should be able to see him! You told me about this “God” and said he was not able to be seen. But you also said we’ll see his glory at the end of time. Sorry, Ashlynn, but there isn’t proof.” April said, immediately feeling a pang of guilt. Ashlynn looked like she was going to cry. “O-oh. That’s okay. I don’t want to force you. U-um, it’s 12:00 now. You can go. April knew she sometimes went too far. But before she could stop herself, she talked things she regretted. “Ashlynn, maybe I’m wrong, but until you have scientific proof that I can SEE, I’m not turning a page.  This is a worthless birthday present. Oh, and by the way, acting so mature over there, crying about a book. Grow up, Ashlynn.” she said, chucking the book unto the floor. April could not believe what she had just done. She had hurt her friend, thrown a book unto the floor, and told her friend she was immature. “April, I’ve never seen you act like this. Maybe i was wrong about the Bible, but one thing is certain. We aren’t meant to be friends. I hope you are happy.” Ashlynn said taking off with sobs. “Ashlynn I’m sorry!” April said running after her. But Ashlynn was way too fast.
Giving up, April set off for home. “This was the worst birthday ever.” she mumbled to myself as April went inside, marching back up to her room. “Hey, lil’ sis, how was your time with Ashlynn?” Danny said. “Not now, Danny. Leave me be.” she replied. As April entered her room, she heard footsteps behind her. April didn’t care. She threw herself on the bed and stared to sob. “Tell me what’s wrong.” Danny repeated. “I….. fight …..Ashlynn…. Bible……No more friend!” April stuttered.
“You got into a fight with Ashlynn because she gave you a Bible and she doesn’t want to be your friend anymore?” Danny translated. April nodded. Danny was fluent in April-ese, aka her stutters. “Danny, I don’t know what to do.” she admitted.
“Talk  to her.”
“She won’t listen.”
“Be persistent.”
“Danny, she won’t listen to me.”
“April, if you want to be friends again, you have to talk to Ashlynn.”
“But Danny…”
Danny interrupted. “Remember the Big Fight back when you were twelve? It’ll be like that. If you want to be friends again, you have to listen to me.” April didn’t want to believe it, but Danny was right. “Okay.” she said with a sniff. April marched down the stairs. She opened the door and sped for Ashlynn’s house. April rung the doorbell. Ashlynn answered it. April was amazed to see how sad her friend was. Ashlynn’s eyes were puffy and red, and tears were streaming down her face. “Ashlynn I’m sorry! Please forgive me.”
“April,I’m sorry too.”
“We can’t get into another huge fight.”
“I don’t want us to fight either.”
“Let’s be friends again.” April said. They hugged and cried tears of joy. When she left Ashlynn’s house, she heard her whisper “Thank you God for answering my prayer.” Maybe there is a God after all, April thought. But she wasn’t sure.
Yeah so anyway what do you think? Oh and if you have a character you want me to add, tell me in the comments along with a description thanks!

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Trouble in Paradise Chap. 1

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