This World.

This world.
It has had such a beginning.
Lord, Your creating hands, molding this place,
all into place, so we could joyfully inhabit it.
You’ve placed Your beautiful creation here.
This world.
The same place that knew You from the start,
Is the place with so many lost and longing hearts.
You still cared for us.
 This world.
It has seen such a change.
A Man has come, claiming to be Your Son.
He speaks the truth, for everyone to see, yet, still some don’t believe.
This world.
It has just witnessed the murder of Jesus,
Your one and only Son.
The Man You sent to share Your love.
Through His death, we now know, there is life, with You, God Eternal.
This world.
This place has seen much,
and there is much to come.
We recall that Your Son has promised to return,
and fulfill the salvation that He spoke of.
Now Your servants wait,
for that important date.
Hoping that one day,
The will be reunited with You God, whom we love.
While we wait, we read Your word, and listen for Your voice,
thankful for that wonderful choice you made so long ago,
to save us, Your children, who You took the time to love and know.
 Now we ask Lord, stay with us, please don’t go! 
You are the One we want to know.
Day by day,
Hour by hour,
Minute by minute,
We await Jesus’ coming.
But we don’t sit idle.
You gave us purpose,
to do more than just survive.
You gave us the inspiration to thrive.
This world.
The place that was never ignored.
The place God cared for.
Now, all I have to say is,
Thank You Lord!

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This World.

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