They called us Jewish

Ok so this story is going to be short so sorry if any of you like long stories so start .

We got to meet the other kids and got on the train without anybody seeing 12 kids getting on a train with no ticket . We arrived at the station safety And a kind Jewish boy about 17 brought us to a smuggler to drive us 2 days to a forest to run the last 5 miles to sweet freedom. ” Sharon , are we there yet?” My little sister asked me as we where walking our last miles to Switzerland. “Yes almost there” I said as we 6 boys and 6 girls were walking to freedom. “Why is being a Jewish bad? Can’t we just change our race ? So we are just like other kids ?” I thought about that as we finally saw the border and the metal gates . We were told that a hole was cut by other Jewish runways. So we past it and now we were on “No-mans-land” we ran for the last time as we let ourselves fall to the ground of Switzerland. I thank God so much for freedom as the lock of freedom was broken. The note that once had my life in it flew away .
Another story that ends happily. I like to give good endings , and wish I could write happy endings for the millions who die because of the War . A War that would never be forgotten.

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They called us Jewish

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