The wolfseeker

Hello this is a new story sneak peak about a girl named Julia and her secret bond with a wolf and the wolf’s pack well here we go and also am still writing the mysterious house now here we really get to the story…………
And  that’s why I chose George Washington as my president!  Lea the most long talking girl said after she gave the class a report they would never forget even the teacher was starting to sleep . Sir ? Lea asked am done , oh yes the teacher said then the bell rung , oh well see you after summer break bye class , the teacher said happy the school year was done and like that the whole school ran out of the school but Julia went the other way , the way to the woods were after she walked in the scary woods would be her new  foster home  . Crack ! A stick cracked , huh ? Julia asked maybe just a bunny Julia said then crack again then Julia out of nowhere looked down and saw wolf tracks….
Adal the wolf’s side .
better stop stepping on sticks or am really going to scare the girl but she’s the only girl who can keep a secret and who can maybe bring us food but anyways focus ok here’s my big moment Adal thought, 1,2,3 ! He whispered as he stepped in the way of Julia’s way .
Julia’s side .
oh no a wolf Julia thought as she froze.
hehe a stop to the sneak peek  well I have to go but I won’t leave you hanging bye

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The wolfseeker

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