The Unlikely Friendship

Giose Ayapes was a kind-hearted boy who always tried to be friendly to everyone around him. Unfortunately, Korain Caan, another boy in his class, would constantly bully him. Korain would call Giose several slurs because Giose was on the spectrum, and would make fun of him in front of others. Giose didn’t understand why Korain seemed to hate him so much, but nevertheless, he never retaliated or was rude to Korain in return. One day, Korain was insulting Joe as usual and decided to take his lunch. However, when Korain bit into the food, he realized it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which he was deathly allergic to. His body started reacting to the allergen almost immediately, and without even thinking, Giose grabbed an epi-pen out of his backpack and stabbed it into Korain’s leg. Ironically, carrying around an epi-pen was also something Korain bullied Giose about. Even though Giose just saved Korain’s life, he didn’t hold it over him and simply went to buy more lunch as if nothing had happened. Korain was shocked, speechless even, that the man he bullied so hard every day was the same man who had just saved his life and didn’t even ask for anything in return. When Korain went up to Giose to ask why he had saved his life, Giose simply responded by saying that it was the right thing to do and that he would never hesitate to help someone, no matter what they do to him. As they talked, Korain began to realize that Giose was actually a really nice person, and he felt ashamed and embarrassed for having treated him so harshly for so long. Overcome with guilt, Korain immediately started crying and begged Giose for his forgiveness. Giose, being the selfless person he was, told Korain there was no need for an apology. Baffled and still in tears, Korain asked why Giose was being so kind to him. However, Giose simply responded by saying that there was no need for an apology because he tried not to take anything Korain said or did personally, and even hoped they could be friends one day. From that day on, Korain stopped bullying Giose and instead, they became close friends. Korain even stood up for Giose when others tried to bully him and would help Giose with whatever he could. Giose was happy to finally have such a close friend and was grateful that despite their differences, they became such good friends. From that day on, the two have been the best of friends.

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The Unlikely Friendship

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