The Truth About Hollywood Fame

Many people think that fame and money is everything. heart break
that if your famous and rich then your life is perfect.
That is a huge lie that Hollywood sells.
They picture being a model or an actor as the perfect career 
and the funnest job in the
But that isn’t the truth.sad
Many watch these movies and tv shows
and compare themselves to the perfectly skinned
with shiny silky hair young ladiesmoney
You see them in real life with
money and everything.
And many start to think “They must be so happy with everything
they have”
But that’s not true.
On the spotlight they seem happy and
But on the inside their broken. cry
Because that’s exactly what happens when
they turn to the worldly pleasures and leave God out of their picture.
So friends,
I advice
don’t look at others thinking they have it all
and don’t turn to the worldly pleasuresred
and wish you had it all
because even with money, fame, fans, and movies….
without God you’ll be left broken inside.  cry
Don’t waste your time wishing for something useless
because once you have it
you’ll start wishing for what you had before you wished it
God Bless love

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The Truth About Hollywood Fame

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