The travel sheep

Hey every body! The next chapter in Mimi’s story! ENJOY!!!
                                                        CHAPTER EIGHT
The machine was whirring and beeping, but it didn’t fade away. I was sort of— suspended in midair. I heard a voice and looked around. It was narrating. It was Zach! I looked around and every thing was sort of fast and blurred. Zach’s voice said; “And if you look to your right you will see Enoch. He’s heading toward the angel with the sword!” I saw a flash of light and he was gone! “Don’t worry Mimi. He’s not dead. God took him to heaven.” There was a blur, like you see when you switch channels on TV. “Now you see Noah. He’s preaching to a bunch of people. He’s trying to tell them to repent. But they didn’t listen. If we jump ahead— I saw the blur again—” We see a flood. It covered the whole earth. A lot of animals and plants died. People too. That why we find fossils on top of mountains. Now, I’m going to skip ahead some more. See this guy is called Abraham, but everyone else callers him “Abram.” God gave him the name we know him for later. Now, he left a city called Ur. And traveled. A LOT! Eventually, he came to Egypt. He lied to Pharoah, thinking he would take Sari (Otherwise known as Sarah) as his wife. But that backfired. Abram told Pharaoh that Sari was his sister, so Pharaoh thought “Well, okay you’re my wife. That’s fine with you Abram?” And then the Egyptians got terrible sores all over their bodies Pharaoh begged them to leave and Abram had to tell the truth. But he repented. Now, later on, there was conflict between Abrams shepherds and his nephew, Lot and Abram let him pick some of his own land. He chose Sodom and Gomorrah, pretty wicked cities. Some kings tried to capture the cities, but Abram teamed up with Lot and booted them out. Later, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. That’s when Abram got his new name: Abraham. And Sari got Sarah. Anyway, they both were approaching a hundred years old and thought they couldn’t have children. Which was kinda confusing, because God promised they would not be able to count how many children they had! So, Abraham married Hagar, Sarah’s servant. They had a son, named Ishmael. But then God said that Sarah was really the right mother, and Abraham had another son with Sarah. They named him Isaac. Ishmael made fun of him, and Sarah made him and Hagar leave. They got stuck out in the desert without any water, and Hagar thought they would die. Then she prayed, and God made a well. Um Mimi, you need to come back now, Rachel’s moms calling us to dinner!”

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The travel sheep

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