The Time Travelers: In the Beginning Part 7


Chapter 7: Home, Sweet Home

God sent us out of the Garden of Eden. Nancy
was still shouting at me for getting us stuck here.

Adam and Eve went different ways then us. Then
a lion jumped out of the bushes.

Nancy and I screamed.

We both started to run through the forest.
Finally we came to a clearing where we saw.

“THE TIME MACHINE!” We both shouted.

We ran inside it with the lion on our tails.

Nancy set the time and place.

“READY!” She shouted.

I pressed WARP and a black hole appeared in
the ground and we disappeared.

When we got back Dad was standing at the door
of the lab.

“Hello.” He said. “How was the trip?”

“Don’t ask.” Nancy and I said in unison.

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The Time Travelers: In the Beginning Part 7

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