The Time Travelers: In the Beginning Part 2


Chapter 2: In the Garden

Hi, this is Nancy writing this chapter. Anyway, when
Fred pushed the WARP button a black hole appeared in the ground and Fred and I
fell through it. 15 seconds later another black hole appeared in the sky that
we fell out of again.

“Fred!” I shouted. “What did you DO!?”

“I pressed WARP.” He replied.

“Do you KNOW what you chose!” I said.

No answer. Ladies and Gentlemen, I may have just
figured how to get him to be quiet.

“What did I pick?”

Rats, he’s still talking, but I answer him.

“You picked ‘Snakes and Temptation in the Garden of
Good’.” I said.

“Would that be good or bad?” said Fred.

Fred may look cool or something from his entry in chapter
1 but he can be clueless.

“Bad!” I shout. “We could be trapped in TIME!!!?”

That’s about where he realizes what he just got us
into. His smile drops like a rock. Even the edge of his cap that he wears all
the time looks sad. He tapped his watch two times. The directions didn’t show

“The directions won’t show up because you need Wi-Fi.”
I said. “Dad never fixed that problem.”

“So you’re saying that we could be here FOREVER?” Fred

“Yes, Mr. Genius.” I said sacrastically

“Hello.” A voice says behind us.

and Fred’s hat (or as he wants me to call it, cap) jumps a foot off his head.

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The Time Travelers: In the Beginning Part 2

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