The Time Travelers: In the Beginning Part 2


Chapter 3: Adam and Eve

Nancy and I turned around to see a man and a
woman standing behind us “Who are you?” Nancy asked (and I’m clueless).

Adam.” said the man. “And this.” he said, pointing to the woman behind
him. “Is Eve.” 

“Hello.” said Nancy.

“Hi.” I said.

“Come.” said Adam. “Let me show you the Garden
of Eden.”

followed Adam around the garden as he showed us the rivers, the
etc. Finally he showed us the trees.

“This is the Tree of Life.” said Adam. “And this is the Tree of
Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

I stared at the two trees and saw them both.
The Tree of Life had light, green leaves and the fruit’s appearance resembled
that of a pomgrenate pomegranate. On the other hand the Tree of
Knowledge of Good and Evil had dark green leaves and the fruit was orange and
resembled a pear. As I stared at both trees Adam broke the silence.

“God has forbidden us to eat that fruit.” He
said. “We can eat any other fruit in the garden, execept except that.”

“Why?” I said.

” said Nancy.

Oop. Now she’s getting all sarcastic.

“Well I don’t know, why should they not eat fruit from somewhere called the tree of
knowledge of good and EVIL!”

Okay, okay Nancy calm
down. No need to explode. And now Nancy is asking for the book back so she can
write in it now. Bye.

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The Time Travelers: In the Beginning Part 2

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