The time I was hit by a car

It was October 18,
2011. I was at church with a bunch of friends and we were all just talking. One
of my friends, Michael, is a bit awkward and on that night he just randomly
spoke up. “I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen!” he said with
a goofy smile and his fingers placed on his head, as though he had a headache
and was giving himself a massage. We all looked at him and dismissed what he
said until later that evening. The adults all called us over and asked us if we
all wanted to go to the brazilian pizza place as a group. We said yes and
headed to the place. The place was nearby and we could easily walk back to the
church so, my family decided to walk there and everyone else drove. We were
almost there and all we had to do was cross a busy street. In the dark. While
it was raining. Of course I wanted to get to the other side and feel all warm
and dry so…I started running. I didn’t realize the car was coming until it
was too late. All I heard was my mom, dad, and little sister screaming my name:
“LUISA!!!” I turned to look at them right when the car hit me. I landed on the
hood of the car and stayed there for about 5 seconds until the car screached to
a stop and I fell off near the curb. While I was on the hood of the car, I
remember seeing the brightest white light I have ever seen in my entire life. I
still don’t know what it was! I ran to the curb after I fell off the car,
shaking, crying, and scared to death. My mom was the first to reach me and we
went to sit on the stairs of the house beside the pizza place. Everyone quickly
found out what happened and started crying. Around that time, the ambulance
came and I went in with my dad. My friend’s little brother, Arthur, started
crying by that time and he was wailing, ”She’s never coming back, mommy!” I
felt so bad for him because I scared him so bad. We went to the hospital and
stayed there for four hours doing nothing and eating nothing. I was so bored!
After, at about 11:30 at night, my family and I finally went home. Everyday
when I think about that experience, I thank God that I am alive and

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The time I was hit by a car

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