The Struggle

Sorry it’s kinda long but the words just started coming and I couldn’t get them down fast enough.
They wrapped my arms behind me
And tied my hands real tight.
I thought, “They’re gonna kill me!”
Then again, that’s alright.
They grabbed a whip and slashed me
The blood flowed fast and free.
All heaven watched as I mused to myself,
“Oh God, it’s not about me.”
“Give me strength to bear it, Lord,
“Give me peace to trust.
“Let Your love shine though me, God,
“And forgive them, oh You must!”
They grabbed me then and dragged me
Up the hill and to the tree.
The realization dawned upon me,
I must face it, now I see.
 They forced me down and drove them in
Those nails cruel and strong.
My mind wandered off to another place
Where I had been so long.
I thought about my Father there
The pride upon His face.
The countless servants adoring me
As I offered my love and grace.
“Oh God!  I cannot feel You!”
I sobbed into the sky.
“Why did You abandon me
“Alone down here to die?”
A shadow fell upon the land
All nature seemed to cry
As once again I faced my foe
That demon from the sky.
“Oh God, I know You’re with me;
“I just can’t feel You near.
“But I know that You will help me;
“We’ll wipe away all tears.”
My eyes drop down upon my feet
Where the women crowd around.
Their tears fall like a bitter fountain
Yet they make not one sound.
I gasped for breath and called out, low,
“John, take my mother home.
“I’ll be gone for a little while;
“But then we won’t be alone.”
I wished my thoughts had formed to words
And sank back to the cross.
John wrapped his arms around my mother
But I could feel her loss.
Satan leaned in awfully close
And whispered in my ear,
“They’re not worth it, Jesus.
“Just look into this mirror.”
I looked and saw all people
Who in my name would kill.
I saw all thousands put to death
But I saw their hope still.
I felt a sudden rush of power!
God’s Spirit took control!
I felt renewed, invigorated
As I leapt forward to the goal!
I shouted out a triumphant cry
And gazed into the night.
“Father!  It is done!” I screamed
As all vision left my sight.
So what do you think?  Comment, Like, and thank God that He offered that much for you.

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The Struggle

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